Golden Rules of Wedding Magic

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In this highly anticipated book Sam reveals the tips, tricks & techniques he’s used to be considered one of the best wedding entertainers in the country.

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The holy grail of wedding magic

“When a book is written by someone at the top of their game and clearly passionate about their craft, you know it’s gold. Written in a clear and concise manner, easy to read, easy to follow…..every magician who performs at weddings, regardless of experience will gain from this read.”  

Steve Rowe
Professional Magician & Magic Creator


“Sam is a master at weddings & seriously knows his stuff! Highly recommended!” 

Luke Howells
The Wedding Industry Awards National Winner 2016/17


“Sam is an actual business genius.” 

Chris Cook
Award Winning Wedding Magician


“Jam packed full of information, tips and advice. It 100% paid off!”

Edd Crafer
Award Winning Magician & Children’s Entertainer


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The Golden Rules of Wedding Magic is packed with marketing & customer service tips, good email practice, manner, social media, networking, practical advice, back-end office systems, managing your mental health and so much more! Accompanied by my straight-to-the-point no bullshit approach my golden rules are all wrapped up in funny real life stories that share all the golden nuggets I wish I’d known years ago. 

This book won’t make you a millionaire overnight but it will highlight the importance your role plays in the wedding industry and how you can maximise your impact, provide better service and subsequently charge a fee that is appropriate for your quality and that you feel confident delivering.

Since 2009 I have worked at over 600 weddings [humble brag yet actually also true!] and every single one has taught me something. I’m proud to have won regional and national awards for my services as well as train other national award winning entertainers. Those same tips and advice are in this book.


“I met Sam a few weeks back at a wedding at which I was the photographer. As a wedding industry professional, I see a lot of weddings and therefore a lot of other suppliers, but something about Sam stood out that compelled me to write this review. Not just the magic, which was fantastic of course, but his charm and personality, the way he interacts with guests and his level of enthusiasm for the work – all of this and more combined to create a 5+ star performance. Well done Sam, you are a true credit to our industry.”

Ryan Rafferty
Wedding Photographer


I wrote this book to share my experiences and to help others on their journey in the wedding industry. It’s such a fantastic way to make a living and hope this book will make it even better for you.


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Does this book teach magic tricks?

There are no magic tricks taught within this book. However there are lots of clever tricks that feel like magic when you pull them off. I also cover my magic theory at weddings and how your magic can have it’s biggest impact.

Can this book be read by non magicians? 

Yes! This book was originally written for magicians however 80% of the content is applicable to any role in the wedding industry. You will definitely take something away from this book that you can implement into your business.

So this is a business book? 

Yes, mostly. It’s a book that shares with you ideas & concepts that I have implemented over the years that have proven to boost my business. From marketing to mental health, it’s all covered.

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9 reviews for Golden Rules of Wedding Magic

  1. Ricky Locke

    What an absolutely incredible book! Pure Gold! This book by far has changed my mindset in how I perform at weddings. Simple tips and ideas that you can add to your business that will really help create an unforgettable memory at your weddings. Before reading this I was simply just turning up at weddings, performing and then going home… I can’t believe how much value I can now add to my clients using the tips from Sam’s experience. An enjoyable & easy to read book filled with lots of great stories and tips. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to really add that “Golden,” touch to their Magic!

    • samfittonmagic

      Thanks so much Ricky! I’m really glad you enjoyed the book and took a lot away from it. Sam

  2. Garry (verified owner)

    Lots of golden nuggets to be found in this book which have helped me

    • samfittonmagic

      Thanks so much Garry! Golden Nuggets is what it’s all about! Best of luck, Sam

  3. Stephen James (verified owner)

    This book is essentially a list of tips for working magicians. It is not really heavy in one particular area – it has business/marketing tips, practical tips for the gigs themselves and some fun ideas. Well laid out and very readable. The book is a mixture of: lots of really great tips/advice, some tips that are very specific to Sam (so maybe not universal) and a few things that I had a different opinion on. Very interesting to read Sam’s approach to the business. For £30, if you get even one thing that makes your act better or gets you more work it’s a worthwhile investment – and you will certainly get way more than one great thing from this packed book!

    • samfittonmagic

      Hey Stephen! Thanks so much for taking the time to review my book. As I mention in the book, a lot of the ideas came from extensions of my own personality and so are grounded in that however can be applied to just about any wedding business! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, it really means a lot. Let me know how you get on! Sam

  4. Luke Howells

    Amazing. Jam packed full of amazing tips, hints and great advice! I’ve been fortunate enough to win two national awards for my entertainment and I even learnt several new things from this book!

    • samfittonmagic

      Thanks so much Luke! I’m immensely proud that you’ve taken parts of my book over the last few years and won multiple national awards. It’s incredible what you have achieved and how far you’ve come. You should be incredibly proud! Thanks again, Sam

  5. Chris Manucal

    Excellent book with great insight. Not everyone will agree with the stuff in this book but everyone has their own tastes and this book exemplifies how I want to be perceived as a magician and how I would want to go about being specifically a wedding magician .thank you

    • samfittonmagic

      Hey Chris! Thanks so much for your review, it really means a lot! When your in the UK feel free to drop me a line and let’s catch up! Thanks again, Sam

  6. Mason King

    I wish..I really wish this book had been around when I first started performing at weddings 7-8 years ago. The insights and information you receive is invaluable. I’ve not known Sam too long but I’ve seen his stand at Wedding Fairs we’ve both exhibited at and it’s clear he knows what he’s doing from a marketing perspective and he actually gave me a very cool idea about my branding when we last spoke too.
    If you’re an entertainer in the wedding industry or in fact a wedding supplier in general I strongly recommend you check this book out. The book answered some questions I’ve recently been thinking about in terms of fee’s (Sam is very open about his fee’s in a world most magicians are more secretive about that than their actual magic!) and marketing your product to the type of client you want. There was a fair few bits I could relate to well as I’ve had those experiences myself, as will most performers who have been around at least 5+ years, and it’s really interesting to hear about a similar experience from a different perspective. Sam has some awesome ideas I believe to improve your overall product and the services you offer in terms of how you interact with your clients. I’ve actually put some of this into practice this past week when talking to current clients about their upcoming big days and the resulting feedback has been great! I also really love his ideas about preparing for a performance on your drive to the venue as well as his ideas for creating a ‘moment’ during the big day! Sam Fitton is clearly a highly experienced first class professional wedding entertainer who knows the industry inside out. Reading this book it genuinely feels like he’s pulled up a chair and you’re having a chat over a coffee while absorbing knowledge that will highly benefit you and your business in the long term. Wedding Magicians (or anyone who aim to be just that) of all experience levels reading this pondering whether to buy this or the next great ‘release’..stop right now and buy this book I promise for £30 it’s an absolute bargain! Thank you Sam for sharing this with the wedding and magic community.

    • samfittonmagic

      Wow! Thanks so much for your review Mason, I’m really pleased you enjoyed the book and have already implemented some of my ideas! That is the best compliment I could ask for. Look forward to seeing you at another wedding show, Sam

  7. Tim Lichfield

    I recently purchased Sam’s book, “Golden Rules of Wedding Magic” after hearing so many great reviews; I was not disappointed.

    Sam’s knowledge and insights to the wedding industry are priceless in information. You can tell he is a professional who has earned his ‘flying time’.

    The writing is conversational and friendly, making it easy to read.

    From the very first tip, I knew that I would enjoy this book and I wasn’t wrong. Sam is very generous sharing this information and it’s not to be overlooked.

    I will be re-reading this a lot to really soak up all the tips and knowledge.

    Looking forward to more of Sam’s work in the future.

  8. Mr Jamie Skelton (verified owner)

    This book should be priced at £100+… Honestly the best tips and advice i’ve read on Wedding Magic (and being a professional magician in general!).

    This book has really filled me with enthusiasm and confidence in regards to becoming a “wedding magician”. If you have done a few weddings and aren’t 100% confident with your approach… then buy this book… you won’t regret it!

  9. Roy Noakes

    I read this book and will definitely be applying the advice to my business. I’m excited to start applying these ideas to the way I operate. Sound advice and a great writing style. Worthy of note – I am NOT a reader but I genuinely looked forward to the journey home so I could read some more chapters/rules. Absolute incredible job writing this book! Cannot recommend high enough.

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