The world’s most diabolical & clean folded mystery card plot / switching method.

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The ultimate mystery box plot


You place a folded playing card in a regular borrowed wine glass which remains in full view. At the finale of your card routine it’s tipped out and the spectator unfolds it to reveal it’s their signed playing card! An impossible, clean, examinable solution to the classic mystery box plot.

In the simple action of tipping a folded playing card out of a wine glass you execute one of the most diabolically clean switches ever devised and it’s almost entirely self-working. Nothing like Coda exists and there’s hundreds of possible effects you can achieve!

  • High-Quality Gimmicks included for both Red & Blue Bicycle Decks
  • Customisable to work with bank notes, playing cards, billets, lottery tickets and more
  • Performed naturally with no awkward moves to learn
  • Instantly (and we mean instantly!) resets during performance
  • More than just a trick or routine, Coda is a multi-use switching principle
  • 3 Professional Routines included
  • 52 Minutes of Full HD video instructions
  • Further Routines & Gimmick ideas suggested
  • Comes with everything you need, just add playing cards!



Alan Rorrison




High-Quality Gimmicks
Spare bits to refresh your gimmick & expand Coda
52 minute Full HD Video Instructions

Just supply your own playing cards and perform.


Multiple uses for Coda…


  • Lottery Predictions
  • An ‘organic’ Mystery Box Routine
  • Freely ‘thought of’ prediction (routine included)
  • Impossible Number prediciton
  • Bill Switches
  • Bill Divination
  • Card Vanish
  • Colour Changes
  • Post it note predictions
  • Billet work
  • & much more!

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