Party Magic

If you’ve got a party planned then make sure Sam’s on the guest list!

Guaranteed to impress, amaze and excite Sam will mingle with your guests and perform a wide variety of his award winning close up magic.

This is ideal for when guests don’t know each other so well as Sam’s performance will act as the perfect ice breaker.

Sam’s interactive style of magic will help everyone relax into the party atmosphere and will turn family gatherings into memories you will cherish forever. No event is too big, small or wacky!*

Customer Comments

*Wacky is a specialty…

Sam will go to any length to ensure you’re party is how you planned it. He’s arrived dressed as a traffic warden and issued the host a ticket, had a client’s dog get in on the action, been a surprise gift for a Bride & Groom and even been stowed away on a canal boat! (It’s all true!)