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It’s not everyday you get booked to perform in the Seychelles! But in April this year that’s just what happened!

As a full time magician I get quite a few emails asking me to perform at various events including weddings, corporate and VIP events. as well of course emails trying to sell me everything from franking machines to inflatable armchairs (seriously!)

So when I got email inviting me to perform in the Seychelles, you can imagine my surprise. Spam I thought. Surely. But it wasn’t. This was the real deal. I rubbed my eyes and looked again, it was a genuine booking.

sam fitton international seychlles magician dining by the beach

After confirming all the arrangements we set off on our 15 flight (via Dubai) to the Seychelles. And wow was it worth it!

Incredible beaches, scenery and crystal clear water greeted us on our arrival. By the way, all of the images in this blog were taken by us (even if they do look a bit like postcards!)

Waking up on the sandy shore was an absolute treat and spending a few days relaxing before my performance was perfect. It definitely helped me to acclimatise to the temperatures of around 34°c with humidity of 85% upwards!

Now I just had to work out how I was going to wear a suit! #magicianproblems

eden bleu hotel sign taken by sam fitton international seychelles magician

The Eden Bleu was the venue of the event I’d been booked to perform at. A corporate fundraising event in aid of a little girl who required life saving treatment. It was an absolute pleasure to meet and perform for her and of her family, whilst of course entertaining all of the other guests!

Oh and about wearing that suit. Well, It was hot! Really hot! But I manged 😉 Performing close up magic I mingled with guests during the drinks reception and then entertained whilst floating between the tables during dinner.

The reactions to my magic were amazing (see the video below) with many guests excited to see a real Seychelles Magician! According to the organisers and locals, I am the first Magician EVER to perform at the Seychelles! How awesome is that?

Needless to say I had an amazing time performing internationally in the Seychelles for this corporate event. Who knows maybe I’ll be a Seychelles Magician in the future! (I sure hope so!)

A massive thanks goes to the Organisers in the Seychelles and my other half Claire, who not only came along for the ride but also captured these amazing videos.

If you’d like to book me for your corporate event then please just get in touch.


On our travels (flying over 10,000 miles for 5 days in the Seychelles) we thought it’d be nice to make sure that we offset our carbon usage by planting some trees here in the UK. Now before you go thinking that I regularly go chaining myself to trees, I don’t, but I was always taught to leave the great outdoors the way you found it. So Claire being a genius and general carbon footprint wiz (it’s kind of what she does for a living) we calculated that we only needed to plant 3 trees. So I did… and even got a certificate!

eden bleu hotel sign taken by sam fitton international seychelles magician

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