magic consultant on aaron calverts mind games for edinburgh fringe


Over the last few years I have worked closely with a number of performers, providing an expert eye on the use of magic for filming & theatre.

Whether it’s designing bespoke illusions or script writing I am on hand to advise the best way to produce that amazing moment of magic. (I just like inventing things!)

I specialise in card and coin magic effects however I have also designed large stage props for theatre productions. So whether you want to make someone disappear, have fire shoot from their hand or simply make a card change. It’s all possible.

Providing thorough training where needed to actors and assistants I can spend time with them to ensure the effect is understood and executed correctly.

Recently I am the proud co-writer, director & lead magic consultant for the 5* Edinburgh Fringe Show Mind Games performed by Aaron Calvert.

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"Sam is the best magician in the UK"
Juan Mata
Professional Footballer / Manchester United